Subtle sophistication with a colonial flair at our Antigua Guatemala Boutique Hotel

Lovely place to rest and relax in a romantic environment within walking distance from everything

When you imagine the perfect intimate and relaxing La Antigua getaway, Casa Encantada boutique hotel is most definitely what comes to mind. Beyond a traditional timber and iron door welcoming guests in from the cobblestone street, all the essentials for disappearing into a romantic Antiguan embrace are here – elegant architecture and charming décor, the deep sense of privacy and intimacy that a mere ten rooms affords. This understated gem offers every convenience sought by the discerning traveler, with nine individually decorated guest rooms, a magnificent rooftop suite and a terrace with a bar and breakfast dining. Modern travel comforts like Wi-Fi, televisions and refrigerators are seamlessly incorporated into the design, making it easy for guests to recall a time when such trappings were unimportant. Evoking the feel of an upscale country estate, Casa Encantada is in the heart of La Antigua Guatemala, on a quiet residential avenue but just four blocks from the bustling Central Plaza.

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Central Park

Distance: 4 blocks from Hotel
Attractiosn at Casa Enca

Hanging out in the Parque Central, the main plaza of the city, is popular with locals and tourists alike, and is accompanied by a mix of modern shops and street vendors catering mostly to the latter. The plaza is surrounded by the Cathedral, and two arch-lined government buildings, which, along with the fountain, trees, and bustling atmosphere, make for some nice people-watching and photo opportunities.

Casa Encantada


9a Calle Poniente Esquina #1

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